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What is your business?

We are an event company specializing in providing party supplies and equipment rental to make your events and celebrations memorable.

We offer party boxes with different size options and also rent playpens, bouncy castles and bubbles.

Can I cancel or move my reservation?

You have the option of canceling or postponing your rental.

Please consult our cancellation policy or contact us by email at

What is the minimum age to rent the parks, castles and bubble?

The minimum age for the parks and the bubble is 1 year old.

When it comes to a castle or the bouncing bubble, we recommend 2 years old as it can be difficult for a baby to stand properly when there is more than one person jumping.

What is the weight limit for using bouncy castles and bouncy bubbles?

We do not recommend anyone over 100 kg.

We ask that you use common sense and avoid more than 6 children in the castles at any time.

This is for safe gaming purposes.

How do you install bouncy castles and bubbles?

It depends on the site and the unit installed.

If on grassed areas, our units are planted in the ground using heavy duty steel stakes and ropes where necessary. In addition to this we can supply sandbags which are secured to the castle using our anchor points and clips.

Our castles can be set up indoors or outdoors depending on the size and space available.

At no time may a castle be set up on mud, sand or gravel or under trees, power lines or structures unless a minimum clearance of 1 meter can be observed.

Can I have the structures installed on a concrete or asphalt surface?

Partially! We do not recommend that inflatables or parks be set up entirely on concrete or hard surfaces outdoors due to the risk of injury. We will install a tarp to protect our equipment but the ideal is definitely to install the equipment on a grassy field.

Large spaces empty of trees or buildings (for example, a large parking lot) are not ideal because our anchor points are not suitable for gusts of wind. If the day of your rental, the gusts of wind exceed 40km / h your rental could be canceled.

Can we have a face paint artist at the same time as your rentals?

Unfortunately no.

We do not allow face painting near our products. Face paint permanently stains PVC due to the pigments used and attempts to clean it require very specific products which end up damaging the PVC's protective layer leaving it susceptible to future damage, tears and weak spots that create a security risk.

If you have makeup at your event, please do not book with us or you may be held liable for damages.

Instead, you could opt for temporary face tattoos!

How do you clean your rental structures?

During set-up and packing, we blow and vacuum the castle to remove any debris that may have collected in little feet and hands or gotten caught in the seams.

We *normally* use an eco-friendly solution that kills 99.99% of bacteria (bonus - it's also asthma and allergy friendly!) to clean the castle surfaces before storing.

Following cleaning, our castles are inflated and thoroughly dried to retain their shine and charm.

We take great care of our rental structure to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. If our castles arrive in a condition with which you are not entirely satisfied, we ask that you notify us immediately so that we can remedy the situation.

What is included in a box?

Our party boxes come with a range of party essentials, such as decorations, tableware, cutlery and other themed items based on the chosen party theme.

Each box includes details of the contents on its tab, please refer to it.

Can I customize the contents of my box?

At the moment we offer prepackaged party boxes with carefully selected items.

We are continually expanding our offerings and working to provide different theme options. Stay tuned for updates!

How long can I rent the structures?

Our standard rental period is 5 hours.

However, we also offer flexible rental options to accommodate longer events or specific needs.

Please contact our team for personalized rental arrangements.

Do you offer installation service?

Yes, we provide delivery and installation services for equipment rentals only.

Our team will make sure everything is set up correctly at your designated location, allowing you to focus on the event.

As for the boxes, we do not offer an installation service. Delivery will be handled by our postal delivery service.

What areas do you serve for structure rental?

We currently offer installation services within a radius specific to our location.

Please provide us with the address of your event and we will let you know if we serve your area.

If your location is not part of our range of services, please contact our team to discuss possible alternatives.

How far in advance should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to secure your desired items and ensure availability.

Popular party themes and equipment rentals tend to book up quickly, especially during peak seasons.

Contact us as soon as possible to make your rental.

As for the box delivery service, we always advise to allow a delay of 7 working days.